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Design Elements is a comprehensive design studio synonymous with the creation of beautifully crafted interiors, with an outstanding combination of art, technology and modern interior design accented with exquisite decor.

Our projects reflect our extensive experience in creating luxurious and livable spaces for national and international private clients as well as functional commercial spaces, boutiques, salons, bars and lounges.


​Design Elements encompasses interior design, interior architecture and our own range of bespoke custom made furniture. 

From earthy tones to over the top contemporary and with the latest technology integrated in every project, no two spaces we create are ever the same.

Interior Design

The creation of elegant, stylish and comfortable homes is our passion. ​We feel that the design adventure should be exciting and fun with the final result being a grand reflection of our clients’ taste and lifestyle.

We are the conduit for our clients vision and each design is individually tailored to deliver creative, beautiful solutions for the space in which they want to live in.

Our design team comprises a group of enthusiastic, talented individuals, each with their own select skill set and perspective.

This diversity promotes a highly creative environment at our studio, generating the very best in design solutions.

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